The Chalk Farm Pool League Committee are pleased to invite you to attend the forthcoming AGM. 


To be held at the Peckwater Tenants Association, 4 Islip St, NW5 on Wednesday 22nd August at 7.30pm. The meeting is open to all CFPL members who took part in the 2017/2018 season.  All members will be eligible to vote.


The AGM is the opportunity for league members to influence the way that the league moves forward and to hear statements from the existing committee regarding last season, including the financial report. There will be an Agenda. 

If any member wishes to add something to the Agenda they should inform League Secretary Simon Wild by e-mail (, or text (07956 937117), or in writing by 8pm on Wednesday August 15th. The Committee will try to address as many of the suggestions as is sensible and feasible.


The AGM is an opportunity to vote on changes to the league and on committee members. Any CFPL member who wishes to stand for election for open positions should be nominated by two other CFPL members and all members in attendance will vote at the AGM. The CFPL Constitution procedure will then be implemented.


1) Mr Shaun Pollard will be following the CFPL Constitution and stepping down from his position as Chairman after a two-season term. He has indicated that he would seek to be re-elected. 

2) At the AGM, we will elect Division Reps who hold the position for one season. 

3) Should any Executive Committee member or Disciplinary Committee members choose to step down before the end of their two-season term, as per article 2 of the Constitution, the AGM is the place to seek their replacements. At this time, the Committee are not aware of any resignations.


We invite all team members, not just captains, vice-captains and governors to attend the AGM. It is important that all CFPL members have an opportunity to be heard, and the AGM is the forum for that to happen.

We look forward to hearing your agenda suggestions and seeing you at the AGM on Wednesday 22nd August at 7:30pm at Peckwater, as it is your League and a great opportunity to contribute ideas that will ensure the continued success for the next 40 Years.
Yours sincerely on behalf of the Chalk Farm Pool League,

Shaun Pollard

Simon Wild


Vlad Levitsky


The Chalk Farm Pool League (CFPL) was established in 1978 and the league has been thriving ever since. The League comprises of teams who play within a three mile catchment of Chalk Farm tube station. Despite the recent decline of venues with pool tables the League is as strong as ever and has Three Divisions.

With every successful league it’s all about the players or ‘members’ the CFPL has something to offer everybody from the occasional pub player to England International’s. Matches take place on Monday nights from 8.30pm and teams consist of a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve players, the match format is four singles three doubles and two singles best of nine frames.

We organise a number of Competitions throughout the Season and this year we had over 100 entries for our singles, as well as our version of the FA Cup- The Liam Tarrant 'knock out' trophy we host an end of season Divisional Cup based on Handicap's. There are also tournaments for the over 50s ( 'Bill o' Connor' seniors Cup) as well as Doubles and new last year a tournament for the Leagues ladies. There's even a Governors/Managers Shield so the owners feel part of the league and the team Captains play in their own knockout Tournament. 

We are currently recruiting new teams for next season which will starts in September 2017. Please contact a Committee member if you would like more information. It is essential to take part in a number of  friendly trial games  in order to establish if your team is suited to the League,  please contact for more information.

Executive Committee Contact Information
League Chairman Shaun Pollard 07898 107 858
League Secretary Simon WIld 07956 937 117
League Treasurer Vlad Levitsky 07767 657 019

Non-Executive Committee Contact Information
Division 1 Rep Tommy Doyle 07482 015 198  
Division 2 Rep Harry Harvey 07585 643 835  
Division 3 Rep Michael Johnson 07960 122 080  

Disciplinary Committee Contact Information
Dave Hempstead 07958 310 754
Paul Smith 07931 506 249
Alp Sezer 07957 134 660

2017/18 Team Contact Information






69 Camden Road

Michael Slattery
0207 267 5787

Slatterys A
Slattery Squatters

Michael Slattery
Andy Sheehan

07792 854 083
07958 584 992

The Dolphin
47 Tonbridge Street
Mick The Dolphin Danny Coleman  07825 618 317
The Castle Bar
392 Camden Road
N7 0SJ
07427 651 351
Kings of the Castle Ben Thorlby  07961 851 309
The Old Oak
1A Mansfield Road
Dave Wharin  The Oak Harry Deller 07539 644 729

The Northumberland Arms
141 Kings Cross Road

07903 390 392

Northumberland Arms

Keelan Nolan

07449 165 265

Boston Arms
178 Junction Road
N19 5QQ

PJ Fahy
07859 901 445

Boston Arms
Boston OldSkool
Boston Rimmers
Boston Knights

Kevin Howard
Simon Wild
Cliff Fairhead
Peter Morris

07939 641 231
07956 937 117
07543 767 679
07463 254 983

Cock Tavern
23 Phoenix Road

Robert Taylor
07727 731 460

Cock Tavern Aloysious

Lee Howard

07727 731 460

Cousins Snooker Club
8-14 Seven Sisters Road
N7 6AH

Sinan Yuce
07944 703 442
0207 609 0038

Cousins Zombies
Cousins Night Walkers

Vlad Levitsky
Omar Diouri

07767 657 019
07580 214 567

The Floirin 
563 Holloway Road
N19 4DQ

Una Gallaher
07949 775 363

The Floirin 

Paul Donnelly

07961 897 874

The Golden Lion
88 Royal College Street

Dave Murphy
0207 387 2035

Golden Lion

Aaron Gourlay

07817 393 210

The Green Man
144A Essex Road
N1 8LX

Dean Donaghey
07724 635 764

Green Man A
Green Man B

Tommy Doyle
Tracey Gray

07506 089 170
07495 489 496

Kings Cross Hurricane Room
368 Grays Inn Road

Mark Holland
0207 278 7079

Kings X Hurricanes
Kings X Hawks
Kings X Invaders
Kings X Gunners
Kings X Warriors
Kings X Assassins

Alp Sezer
Chas Griffin
Harry Harvey
Lewis Boch
Steve Ballard
Peter Berrie

07957 134 660
07748 958 164
 07826 330 663 
07805 005 241
07956 815 134
07576 032 145

Peckwater TA
4 Peckwater Street

David Fletcher
07948 558 627

Peckwater Playboys
Peckwater TA

Paul Smith
David Fletcher

07931 506 249
07948 558 627

Done Our Bit Club
128a Maygrove Road

DOB Club
02076 243 603

D.O.B Dynamos

Roger Crossley

07791 566 715

Sir Robert Peel
108 Malden Road


07723 474278

Sir Robert Peel A
Peel Pirates

John Brown
Pat Gilligan

07976 425 740
07972 855 819

Dick Collins Hall
Redhill Street

Migle Lowe
RPTA Daniel McNicholas
07828 017 005