The 1st & 2nd Rounds of the Doubles and Seniors Competitions will take place this Monday 4th December
Please be at your venue by 8.15pm Matches are due to start at 8.30pm
Please click on the following links to see the draws in full including venues

Doubles Cup
The draw for the Doubles competition can be seen here

CFPL_2017-18_Doubles_Draw_1st___2nd_Rounds.pdf 52.8 KB

Seniors Cup
The draw for the Seniors Cup can be seen here

CFPL_2017-18_Seniors_Draw.pdf 45.5 KB

Singles Cup 2017-18

We are currently having a few issues resizing the files to display on the website.
In the meantime here is a PDF of the Singles draw in full to have a look at.
The draw is split into top half and bottom half, with the overall winner of each meeting on finals night

Singles draw including 1st & 2nd Round results can be seen in the following link

Singles_Draw_1st_&_2nd_Rounds.pdf 36.2 KB

Due to the number of runners and available tables we have decided to use the 2 tables  in the Boston to complete a section of the draw up to and including the 3rd round
Please note all players in the yellow section of the draw will play in the Boston. There will be 1 overall winner from this venue on the night

Singles Draw - Prelims

The following players have been drawn in the prelim round
We will be looking to start these prelim matches at 7.30pm. All players involved in these will be contacted

          PRELIMS @ KINGS X
Stuart Aires     1       2   Graham Smith
Vs P1   P5 Vs
Sean Moriarty   2       1   Neil Faux
Mark Bowyer    1       2   Franco Pizarro
Vs P2   P6 Vs
Caesar Contri   2       0   Dave Francis
Simon Topp    1       1   Mick Wild
Vs P3   P7 Vs
Peter Berrie    2       2   Ben Thorlby
Emile El-Qawas2       Toufik Asli
Vs P4   P8 Vs
Rabih Malaki  n/s       Sammi Ahmed
            PRELIMS @ COUSINS
Cieron Farrelly  2     2   Ryan MvEvoy
Vs P9 P13 Vs
John Brown     1   Shaun Pollard
Burhan Uddin   1     n/s   Ste Gosling
Vs P10 P14 Vs
Nick Campbell   2     2 Darren Lanigan
Michael Johnson 0     2   James Allen
Vs P11 P15 Vs
Roger Crossley  2     Dean Gray
Kelvin Whyte   2  
Vs P12
Keith Gill  
Ladies Cup
The draw for the ladies Cup can be seen here
Venues will be announced ASAP

CFPL_2017-18_Ladies_Draw.pdf_24.7 KB

Captains Cup 1st Round
This is the draw for the 1st Round only - Ties to be played by 30th November 2017
It is the responsibility of the home drawn Captain to contact their opponent to arrange the match

CFPL_2017-18_Captains_1st_Round_Draw.pdf 26.9 KB

John Brown (Sir Robert Peel) 2 Vs 0 Paul Smith (Peckwater Playboys)
Harry Deller (The Oak) 2 Vs 1 Paul Donnelly (The Floirin)
Simon Wild (Boston OldSkool) 2 Vs 0 Cliff Fairhead (Boston Rimmers)
Peter Berrie (Kings X Assassins) 1 Vs 2 Peter Morris (Boston Knights)
Michael Slattery (Slatterys A) Vs Kevin Howard (Boston Arms)
Omar Diouri (Cousins Night Walkers) 2 Vs 1 Vlad Levitsky (Cousins Zombies)
Danny Coleman (The Dolphin) Vs Andrew Sheehan (Slatterys Squatters)
Martin Melia (Northumberland Arms) 2 Vs 0 Tommy Doyle (Green Man A)
Chas Griffin (Kings X Hawks) 2 Vs 1 Aaron Gourlay (Golden Lion)
Tracey Gray (Green Man B) 0 Vs 2 Steve Ballard (Kings X Warriors)
Lee Howard (Cock Tavern Aloysious)
Vs Ben Thorlby (Kings Of The Castle)
David Fletcher (Peckwater TA) 0 Vs 2 Daniel McNicholas (RPTA)
Roger Crossley (DOB Dynamos) 2 Vs 0 Omeer Minhas (Kings X Gunners)
The following Captains will receive byes
Pat Gilligan (Peel Pirates)
Alp Sezer (Kings X Hurricanes)
Harry Harvey (Kings X Invaders)
Governors Cup
This is the draw for the 1st Round only - Ties to be played by 18th December 2017
It is the responsibility of the home drawn Governor to contact their opponent to arrange the match

CFPL_2017-18_Governors_1st_Round_Draw.pdf 25.8 KB

Luis Pizarro (Kings Of The Castle) Vs Mudi Xavier (Kings X Hurricane Room)
Dave Wharin (The Oak) Vs Una Gallacher (The Floirin)
The following Governors will receive byes
David Fletcher (RPTA) Robert Taylor (Cock Tavern)
Michael Slattery (Slatterys) Sinan Yuce (Cousins)
Mick Holden Jnr (The Dolphin) PJ Fahy (Boston Arms)

Liam Tarrant Knock out Cup

1st Round                                    straight race to 5 frames!
Monday 23rd October 2017

Green Man A 5 - 2 Peckwater TA
Northumberland Arms 5 - 4 Slatterys Squatters
Boston Arms 5 - 2 Slatterys A
Sir Robert Peel A 5 - 0 Boston Knights
Green Man B 3 - 5 Peckwater Playboys
Kings Of The Castle 5 - 2 Kings X Warriors
DOB Dynamos 5 - 0 The Dolphin
Boston OldSkool 5 - N/S The Floirin
Kings X Assassins 5 - 4 Golden Lion
Kings X Gunners 3 - 5 Cock Tavern Aloysius
Cousins Zombies 0 - 5 Kings X Hawks
The Oak 1 - 5 Boston Rimmers
Cousins Night Walkers 2 - 5 RPTA

Please note
All teams who lost in the 1st round will be entered into the Shield