Liam Tarrant Cup 1st Round
To be played on Monday 21st October 2019

Kings X Hurricanes Vs Cock Tavern Aloysious
Peckwater Playboys Vs Cousins Night Walkers
Sir Robert Peel Vs Peckwater TA
Kings X Hawks Vs Slatterys Squatters
Green Man A Vs Slatterys A
Northumberland Arms Vs The Crown
Castle Vs Cousins Zombies
Boston OldSkool Vs Cousins Rangers
The Corner Flag Vs The Constitution
Green Man B Vs Maddens Misfits
Floírin Vs Boston Arms
DOB Dynamos Vs Kings X Assassins
The Dolphin Vs Kings X Gunners
Boston Rimmers Vs RPTA
2 Teams will receive a bye
Whittington Stone
Kings X Invaders

Singles Cup
Matches to be played on Monday 11th November 2019