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Chalk Farm Pool League Constitution

Amended 28th September 2017

This Constitution shall govern the committee and members of the Chalk Farm Pool League. Alterations to this Constitution may only take place by majority vote at an AGM or EGM. Any matter not dealt with herein may be decided by the Committee of the Chalk Farm Pool League with the greater League consideration.


The name of the organization shall be “The Chalk Farm Pool League” herein after referred to as the “League”. The current League headquarters are situated at the Golden Lion 88 Royal College Street, Camden, London NW1 OTH

2. All members of the committee will hold office for 2 seasons. Except divisional reps which will hold their seat for 1 season. Following this period committee members can be re co-opted with a consensus of the majority of the existing committee members. This will take place at the Annual General Meeting. Should a committee member wish to stand down or if the consensus of the majority of existing committee members is that a committee member should not remain, then league members will be asked to nominate a replacement. Once nominations are conducted, the remaining committee members will decide on the replacement. League members, by majority, can, at the Annual General Meeting or an Emergency General Meeting, seek to force an existing committee member, by vote, to resign, in which case the nomination process will be repeated.

3. The committee shall have the right to make any decision it deems necessary within the spirit of the Constitution and for the benefit of the League.

4. Membership of the League is open to any team operating from a home venue within a three mile radius of Chalk Farm Tube Station.

5. The annual subscription fee will be set by the committee each year. It currently stands at £100 per team, per season. The annual subscription is

due at the Annual Registration Meeting. Annual subscription is non-refundable.

6. Teams or individual players registered with any other Monday night pool league will not be permitted to register with the League.

7. The League will supply up to 10 trophies per team to the winning teams and runners-up for all competitions. The captains are responsible for the

correct spelling of their active players for the purpose of trophy engraving. Any team wishing additional trophies must contact the Committee for costing.

8. Prize money will be awarded to the winners and runners up in all divisions, based on the financial health of the organization. Amounts to be determined by the Committee.

9. The League will convene compulsory attendance meetings for all team captains, and/or representatives. Other non-compulsory attendance meetings will be held for various reasons during the season at which all members are welcome. Reminders will be provided by way of email and website. An announcement will be made, minimum of 14 days prior to any meetings. All meetings to take place at the League headquarters unless otherwise noted. All teams must have at least 1 email address.

 10. The Annual Registration Meeting (ARM) will be scheduled in August prior to start of season. Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be scheduled in July and includes reports from Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer with summaries of previous season.   Emergency General Meetings (EGM), Captains Meeting, and tournament draws will be scheduled as necessary with a minimum of 14 days’ notice. Except Compulsory League Meeting (CLM) Which will be held twice a year

11. Anti-Social behaviour, racist comments, or recognized violent behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in player being expelled from the League immediately and permanently.

12. Each team will be given 2 player registration forms. One must be completed and forwarded to the committee by the advised date. The other copy is to be kept by the team.

13. Each team is allowed a maximum of 12 registered players at any instance. This includes a governor and captain. After official registration, teams can add/remove players by filling out the reserve of the match card. Fielding a deleted player will result in that player’s point’s contribution being deducted from the match card. Unregistered players are automatically registered when there is room in the team register. Unregistered players points contribution will be deducted from the match card when the team register is at maximum. New registrations will only be accepted if the official match card is signed by the new player.

14. Players can only register for one team per season. A registered player is committed after playing a single match. Any exception to this must be submitted in writing to the committee for review.

15. Professional Players must declare their status on initial registration cards or match cards at time of registration. Only 1 professional player can register per team, those players are not permitted to enter any tournaments.

16. Any team wishing to postpone a fixture must inform both the committee and the opposing team no less than 24 hours prior to the fixture. Upon consent of both captains, the match may be re-scheduled and played within a six-week window All matches must be completed before the last league fixture.  The re-scheduled match may be played on any night subject to committee approval. Cup matches and last league fixture matches cannot be postponed, but can be brought forward subject to the approval of both captains and the committee.

17. All matches to be played according to the old EPA table rules, copies of which will be provided in team packs, which will also include rules governing doubles matches (Doubles Rules agreed AGM 26-8-14)


18. Home teams to pay for all games, refereeing to be alternate.

19. Each match to be 6 singles and 3 doubles frames except in certain Divisional Cup matches (See rule 30). For league matches 1 point will be awarded for each winning frame with an additional 3 points awarded to the winning team.

20. All matches to start by 8:30pm. Matches cannot commence unless a minimum of 4 players per team are present. Any team not at the venue by start time will lose one frame immediately and will lose a further frame for each 15 minute period thereafter until such time that the required winning score is reached at which point the match will not take place and the non-offending team will receive an average winning score. (See Rule 27) If a team arrives late and frames are conceded the non-offending captain has the right to re-arrange his players on the match card.

21. The match will commence with 4 singles frames followed by a doubles frame (frame 5). Players that have played in the first 4 singles matches are not permitted to play in the first doubles frame (frame 5). Frame 5 cannot be conceded. Should players not be available to play frame5 the match must be forfeited. 2 further doubles frames followed by 2 singles frames conclude the match. This order of play cannot be changed. Players are permitted to play a maximum of 1 singles and 1 doubles frame during any given match. Once a match has started no unnecessary delays can be made to accommodate late players.

 22. Both captains must print the players on the match cards in full before the match starts. No amendments can be made to a frame once that frame has started. Reserve players may substitute at any time provided they are recorded on the match card prior to match start. All players must sign the match card before the frame is started.

23. If a dispute arises during a frame the referee must endeavour to reach a resolution agreeable to both players. If agreement cannot be reached the frame in question must be escalated to both captains to resolve with referee in a gentlemanly fashion. If agreement is still not reached, the frame is suspended and the issue is raised to the committee within 48 hours of the event. It’s advisable to photograph the table and ball position when necessary. The dispute will be adjudicated on by the disciplinary committee at a hearing if required and all interested parties will be informed. The disciplinary committee decision cannot be appealed.

24. All match cards are to be filled in with due care and diligence, with their full name especially for example if a team fields two players with the same name i.e. Paul Smith and Paul Smith. Clearly refer to the players’ Middle name or Sr/Jr as well as first name and surname. Also avoid referring to players by his/her nick name. Any such match card entries will be completely disregarded. Match cards must be dated and signed by both captains to be valid.

25. The winning team/player/players will be responsible for informing the committee of the result. This applies also to all tournaments.

a) It is the responsibility of the winning team to post the results on the Chalk Farm Facebook page or text the results to a committee member by

Tuesday midnight to meet Camden New Journal Publication Deadline.

b) The match card must be completed and delivered to League headquarters no later than 5pm on the Saturday after the match. Upon match card delivery, the Match Card Register must be signed by the player delivering the match card. The committee is not responsible for any match cards not signed in to the Match Card Register. Any tournament (Singles/Doubles/Seniors/Captains/Governors/Ladies/Divisional Cup/Liam Tarrant Cup) results not received on time will result in the player/players/team giving their opponent/s/team an additional +1framestart in the next round of the tournament.

26. In the event of any team withdrawing from the League before the completion of league matches the following will apply. If the first half of league matches have not been completed all results for that team are void. If a team withdraws during the second half of league matches then all results up to and including the halfway point of league matches stand. Any results for games played during the second half of league matches will be void.

27. When a team fails to fulfil a fixture, the offending team will receive no points. The offended team will be awarded their average winning score. League matches won by that team are used to calculate the average. The result will only be calculated, and awarded once 50% of league games have been played (a 5-0 score will be given until this time). If at this stage a team has not won a match then a 6-0 win will be awarded. 3 winning points will also be added to the average winning score.

28. The winner of each division is decided by points. If a tie occurs the team with the greater amount of winning league matches will prevail. If teams have the same points and the same number of winning matches, then matches played between the tied teams on a ‘head to head’ basis will decide. If all these criteria are the same then a playoff match will be scheduled at a neutral venue to decide the outcome.

29. When teams finish in a promotion/relegation space in their relevant final league table:

a) The top 2 teams in the 2nd division receive automatic entry to the 1st division for the following season.

b) The bottom 2 teams in the 1st division receive automatic relegation to the 2nd division for the following season.

c) The changing of a team name does not constitute a new team if the team has registered 5 existing players from the previous season.

d) The committee retains the right to adjust Divisional Tables at the beginning of each season based on number of team registrations.

 30. The Division Cup will be played with a handicap format. A team shall receive a 1 frame start (taken from 9th frame) if they were 15-29 points behind opponent at the half way stage in the season. A team shall receive a 2 frame start (taken from 8th & 9th frame) if they were 30 or more points behind opponent at the half way stage in the season. The handicap format is to be set at the first league meeting subject to discussion and vote.

31. No perpetual trophy shall be won outright. It is the responsibility of the winning player/players/team to ensure the perpetual trophy is returned to the league (committee) by the end of the season. If a perpetual trophy is lost or goes missing for any reason it is the holder/holders responsibility to replace the perpetual trophy to same equivalent value of the one that was given to them. All perpetual trophies are silver plated.


32. Only players entered on the official Registration Form are eligible to compete. Players will be excluded if the entry fee is not received by the due date set at the Annual registration meeting. Substitutions are at the discretion of the committee.

33. A player may enter one of the Singles/Doubles/Seniors Tournament. Players can enter one of the Singles/Doubles/Seniors tournament and the Captains and Governors competitions when applicable. A senior applicant must be 50 years of age or older.

34. Only Governors or venue managers can compete in the Governors Cup. Only 1 entry per venue.

35. The first round is randomly drawn for Singles, Doubles, and Seniors competitions. All subsequent rounds are based on continuation of the brackets. Once the players’ names have been drawn, a random venue will be drawn for the match to take place. The committee will conduct the draws at a public venue, and communicate to the League. Venues are drawn for each round. All League members are invited to attend.

36. The Liam Tarrant knock out cup is open to all teams in all divisions in the League. Each round is drawn randomly with the first team drawn being the home team. The semi-final and final stages take place at neutral venues.Teams defeated in the First Round will automatically be entered into the Liam Tarrant Plate.

37. Each Round of the Captains and Governors tournaments will be given a due date. The home drawn captain or governor is responsible for arranging with his opponent a suitable date to play the match. The match should take place at the home drawn pub unless both opponents agree otherwise. The Captains and Governors tournaments require a submission of amatchcard similar to other competitions and regular season matches.

38. Seniors, Singles, Doubles, Captains, and Governors competitions will be the best of 3 frames except for the semi-finals and finals which will be the best of 5 frames.

39. If a team withdraws from the League any player(s) from that team still involved in the competitions will be allowed to continue only at the discretion of the committee.

40. The cost of the pool tables for all Singles/Doubles/Seniors/Captains/Governors Tournaments will be shared by the individuals playing in the competitions.

41. The Hotshots competition is a competition of individual performances for regular season singles frame. Individual performance will be captured throughout the season for both divisions. There will be (1) winner and (1) Runner Up Trophy awarded for each division on presentation night. If there is a tie for the winning number of frames, the percentage of wins will be considered. If a tie still exists, then a playoff match will be scheduled. The playoff match will be a best of five frame set and scheduled at a neutral venue.

42. Any member expelled from the League may not enter or continue any competition organised by the League for the remainder of the season.


43. The committee reserves the right to suspend, expel, fine or otherwise penalize any team/player for any breach of this constitution. (See Rule 3)

44. Winning teams failing to provide match cards by 5pm on Saturday to League Headquarters and signing Match Card Register will lose all winning points for relevant week. (See Rule 25b)

45. Failing to fulfil a fixture without proper postponement (See Rule 27) will result in a £20 fine. Any further breach will result in an additional fine and or disciplinary action.

46. Any team being up to 30 minutes late to an ARM, EGM, AGM, CLM or Captains Meeting will be fined £5. Being more than 30 minutes late will result in a £10 fine. Failure to attend a compulsory meeting will result in a £20 fine.

47. All fines must be paid within 21 days of receiving the notification this can be via text message or email or letter from the committee. If fines are not paid within 21 days of notification, the committee reserve the right to take disciplinary action. (See Rule 34)

48. Any team or player will be afforded the right to defend themselves for any breach of the rules, by raising their case to the disciplinary committee.


Chairman: To oversee the running of the League and its well-being. In association with the secretary be involved in the administration of the League. To ensure that the committee and its individual members are carrying out their duties as required. Liaise with various local newspapers and to keep them informed as to League activities, results, and news. Act as a deciding vote along with the secretary in cases where an appeal has been raised to the disciplinary committee’s decision. To be a signatory to the League’s bank account along with other committee members.

League Chairman  Shaun Pollard Elected 9th September 2016

Secretary: In association with the chairman, be responsible for the administration of the League. To be a signatory to the League’s bank account along with other committeemembers. To act as a deciding vote along with the chairman in cases where an appeal has been raised to the disciplinary committee. To be available to advise teams on the League’s current match table rules and provide comment on match tables. To keep the League website, updated with results, tables, news, etc. To publish the minutes at relevant times (ARM, EGM, CLM and AGM and compulsory attendance League meetings. Conduct random signature checks from match cards and Registration cards.

League SecretarySimon Wild Elected 11th September 2017

Treasurer: To act asmain custodian ofthe Leaguefinances in associationwith other committeemembers andproduceregular statements regarding the League financial status. To be a signatory to the League’s bank account along with other committee members.2015/2016 Season Simon Wild

Treasurer Vlad Levitsky Elected 11th September 2017

Disciplinary Committee Members: To adjudicate appeals and assist committee as needed.

Dave Hempstead Elected 11th September 2017

Paul Smith Elected 11th September 2017

Alp Sezer Elected 11th September 2017

Division Reps: To assist the Chairman & Secretary along with having a voting rights and attended all meetings as well as to be available to advise teams when called upon on about the League’s current rules. To pass on feedback from any issues that you have come across or have dealt with.To assist the committee with distribution of League material

Division One Tommy Doyle Elected 11th September 2017

Division Two Harry Harvey Elected 11th September 2017

Division Three Michael Johnson Elected 11th September 2017

All committee members: To assist in any way required to retain the League integrity and well-being


Withdrawals from the bank account can only occur with the explicit permission of the committee and 2 signatories. Should it be sought, a signatory can be taken off the signatory mandate with the explicit instruction to the bank by a minimum of 2 existing committee members.


The Committee accepts this constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of members.

SIGNED:                                                  DATE:         28th September 2017

NAME: Shaun PollardPOSITION: Chairman

SIGNED:                                                   DATE:        28th September 2018

NAME:   Simon WildPOSITION: Secretary

SIGNED:                                                   DATE:        28th September 2018

NAME:   Vlad Levitsky POSITION: Treasurer